Love our old tunes!


If you were a product of the 1980’s then you are well versed in classic rock. One term that may come to mind is the generation of hair bands. These bands got their names because then men’s hair was a thing most women envied. Big hair with lots of hairspray was very popular in the 80’s and it wasn’t strange to see men wearing makeup. Some of the top hair bands of the 80’s include:
Motley Crue – they were famous for “Smoking in the Boys Room”, and “Wild Side” among many others
Bon Jovi – he had us “Living on a Pray”, and served us up some “Bad Medicine”. Bon Jovi stood the true test of time and is still successful with his music
Def Leppard – this iconic rock band’s single “Pour Some Sugar On Me” sold over four million copies. The band still performs concerts in 2016

In the 1980’s MTV was all about music videos. In fact, it was music videos 24-7 for the most part. The music video was a huge thing for many of these bands. The videos were usually focused around hot girls and bizarre ideas. These musicians were often into lots of partying and and lots of drugs, which may explain some of the crazy videos they created.

If you loved this era in music, then you really should check Rock of Ages in Las Vegas. This is show that is currently playing at the Rio located just off the strip. This is is set on the Sunset Strip in 1987 and incorporates many of the themes and hits from the era. It is a classic love story with dancing, music, and big hair.

Rock music has been around for a long time and although it has taken on a few different sounds here and there is still rock. Rock has been around since the 50’s and it will not be going anywhere anytime soon. People love music and love a good beat. As long as people continue to create it, people will continue to listen to it.


We have been to many many concerts over the years and by far the best times we have had have been at older rock and roll concerts. Most of the time we fly down to Las Vegas and hook up with some good family friends. Our good friends from back in New Jersey now live in Las Vegas and own, las vegas electrician, and do very well with their business so from time to time they offer to fly us down to Vegas so we can catch a few shows. We have seen so many bands in Vegas that I have lost track of how many we have seen. One show in particular has really blown us away and it is called Rock Of Ages. This show has hands down been the best entertainment we have encountered and it is performed by some really great performers who just do a great job. Anyway definitely check this show out when you come to Vegas for sure.